Music, bikes, seeing what’s over the next hill.
Thanks to everyone who has ridden along with us in making Bicycle, including:
The Players
Sven Abow:
Eric Leifert: Bass


Riley McMahon: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Piano, Percussion, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Steel Guitar, Synth, Ukelele
Rick Rowland: Whistle
Nora Schlang: Lead & Background Vocals
Roxy Coss: Saxophone, Clarinet
Trevor Exter: Cello
Tony Lauria: Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Piano, Accordion
John Raymond: Flugelhorn, Trumpet


Bicycle was produced by Riley McMahon and Rick Rowland
Recorded and Mixed by Riley McMahon at New Warsaw Studio (Brooklyn, NY)

Our Photographers & Designers
Chris Propert
Matt Propert
Uliana Bazar
David Gorodetski & Sage Communications (graphic design)

Thanks Uliana, Matt & Chris for withstanding the January cold, but making it look like Spring

Our Bicycle Crew
Bicycle Space who let us use the most “Cycle Chic” bikes in DC
Linus Bikes who made those cool “Cycle Chic” bikes

Jordan & David at BicycleSpace – Thanks guys!

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