Some Rules Are Made To Be Broken

The Ottawa Bike Guy’s news beat includes bikes, architecture, urban treasure and just about anything else that in the life of Ottawa and beyond.  Though, as he noted in his recent blog post about bicycle, he previously hadn’t done many, if any, movie, book or music reviews.  But we’re happy that some rules are made to be broken, because we love his write up of the CD in Ottawa Cycle ChicCan’t believe that we were mentioned in the same piece with legends, Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer and Steve Forbert.  We’re especially happy that he highlighted the great work of all the musicians on the record, which he says resulted in “14 wonderful pop songs that blend and flow as well as the instruments of the multi-talented band members.”  Our producer, Riley McMahon, and cellist extraordinaire, Trevor Exter, got special call-outs.  You can read the whole thing here and here.

416, Coffee and Bicycle Go Together

416 CycleStyle is part of the Cycle Chic Republic, with great pics of life, culture and bikes in and around the ‘kaleidoscope-styled streets” of area code 416 (Toronto).   Xander over at 416 wrote about listening to his new copy of Bicycle this morning. We loved that he called it “an urban folk story about a girl’s love affair and experiences with her bicycle” — and especially that it “goes great with coffee.”  (We also love that he got an actual CD – check out the pic on his site).  Thanks Xander & 416!!

Ps – wrote this while trying not to spill coffee on the keyboard ;)

Greek Chic

Our tour across the Cycle Chic Republic continues, with a fun post about Bicycle by Thessaloniki Cycle Chic.  For our fluent Cyrillic readers:

Ενα όμορφο και αισιόδοξο τραγούδι απολύτως μέσα στο πνεύμα. Είναι γραμμένο σε τέμπο και ρυθμό που παρακινεί γιά στυλάτο στροφάρισμα των πεταλιών!

Loosely translated – it sounds like they felt that the song Cycle Chic made it a bit easier to pedal their bikes.

See what you think!

Thanks Iraklis!