We haven’t met.  We haven’t talked. We haven’t ridden together.  And yet, it feels like we are true friends with the good people at Curitiba Cycle Chic.  They wrote about “bicycle” this summer – and then again yesterday wrote about “Big Red Bicycle Christmas.” On top of that they created this great winter Big Red Bicycle graphic to boot!

Here is Google’s machine-generated poetic translation of what CCC wrote in even nicer Portuguese:

Our talented and dear friends of Nora and One Left banda, make us enter the “Spirit of Christmas” with a beautiful song “Big Red Bicycle Christmas”.  Check out the video simple, full of beautiful images, plus the music that makes us rescue the “pure and true Christmas spirit.”  This song is part of the band’s CD, called “Bicycle”. Listen and give your ears, this beautiful “Christmas present”!-

Lovely in any language.  Thanks and a wonderful holiday to our Curitiba friends!