416, Coffee and Bicycle Go Together

416 CycleStyle is part of the Cycle Chic Republic, with great pics of life, culture and bikes in and around the ‘kaleidoscope-styled streets” of area code 416 (Toronto).   Xander over at 416 wrote about listening to his new copy of Bicycle this morning. We loved that he called it “an urban folk story about a girl’s love affair and experiences with her bicycle” — and especially that it “goes great with coffee.”  (We also love that he got an actual CD – check out the pic on his site).  Thanks Xander & 416!!

Ps – wrote this while trying not to spill coffee on the keyboard ;)

Greek Chic

Our tour across the Cycle Chic Republic continues, with a fun post about Bicycle by Thessaloniki Cycle Chic.  For our fluent Cyrillic readers:

Ενα όμορφο και αισιόδοξο τραγούδι απολύτως μέσα στο πνεύμα. Είναι γραμμένο σε τέμπο και ρυθμό που παρακινεί γιά στυλάτο στροφάρισμα των πεταλιών!

Loosely translated – it sounds like they felt that the song Cycle Chic made it a bit easier to pedal their bikes.

See what you think!

Thanks Iraklis!



Cycle Chic

No matter where you are in the world, Cycle Chic is the place to click to see the ‘lightness of being’ on two wheels.  Literally.  started the original Copenhagen Cycle Chic in 2006.  It’s now one of the top fashion sites around, and spawned Cycle Chic sites in cities and towns world over.

And they wrote about us!!  We won’t forget this lovely quote:

Nora and One Left’s “Bicycle” is, all at once, an ode, a celebration and a declaration of love to the two-wheeled invention that has served us so well for the past 125 years. It is a timely release and a most welcome one.

It’s not coincidental that they are somewhat partial to track #2 “Cycle Chic.”  Mikael worked with Rick on the feel and the lyrics to make sure that we covered the places that make up the Cycle Chic globe.

Cycle Chic started with this photo – and this idea: “We aim to highlight that bike culture is an effortless pursuit. No lycra needed. No fancy gear. Just get out and ride. Style over Speed. Man or Woman.”

Not much more to add – other than saying thanks to Cycle Chic for listening and for the post!


Hello Brazil!

Or should we say Brasil… Curitiba Cycle Chic wrote about Bicycle today – and we’ve started to get our first visitors from Brazil and beyond.  Thanks!

In addition to liking that the song “Cycle Chic” gives a shout-out to Curitiba – the blog had a lot of other really nice things to say – including:

 Sendo você ciclista ou não, “Nora and One Left” vai proporcionar-lhe um alegre passeio sonoro em sua “Bicicleta”. […] É ouvir e sentir vontade de sair por aí pedalando e cantando!

Which Google VERY roughly translates as:

Whether you are cyclist or not, “Nora and One Left” will give you a sonic joy ride in their “bike”. […]  You hear and feel the urge to go out riding and singing!

Also, they put together this great band graphic… Thanks so much Curitiba Cycle Chic – We hope that we can ride and sing with you soon!

Graças Chic Ciclo tanto Curitiba – Esperamos que podemos andar e cantar com vocês em breve!

Photo Shop

With Uliana, Matt & Chris

Big Bicycle shout-outs to the incredible photographers and friends who took the CD photos and lots of the other pics you see around here and other N&1L sites.

The wonderful and talented Uliana Bazar took tons of candid shots – and took care of yours truly.  Please go check out her work here:  http://ulianabazar.com/

Matt Propert is a pro, working now for National Geographic with incredible landscape and cultural shots from around the world.  You can find some of his work here: http://www.mattpropertphotography.com/

Longtime, special pal, family chef, and godfather by popular demand, Chris Propert, made it all happen and took, among others, the homepage photo above.  His must-see photo site is here:  http://christopherpropert.com/home.

We were lucky to work with these great artists and friends – who made a cold January day look and feel warm.



The WashCycle, a great blog about cycle advocacy in DC (and so much more), just posted a review that mentions us in the same paragraph as musical greats, Lucinda Williams, Eliza Gilkyson, Poi Dog Pondering and Concrete Blonde!?!?!

“If you’re looking to support a local band who names albums after your favorite mode of transportation – with several songs on that theme, it’s hard to think of a better one than Nora and One Left.”

Crazy!  Crazy Nice! Read the whole thing here.  Thanks for listening WashCycle!